My Completed Book of Me in the 1950's

I completed the Big Idea Festival at  We were assigned to complete a book about a decade in your life. I chose the1950's.   It was more time consuming than I anticipated.  I had to find the childhood pictures, which was in the last, I mean last box in the garage that I looked in.  Then I had to glean the Internet for the pictures that related to the list I was making.  I have had so many memories of fun and laughter.  Check the end results.

I wanted to be a cowboy and I loved cats

There is that cat

TV and Movies 

Things we did in the summer

Books I read

Great Grandma Crum
Ad Slogans

List of Candy

Songs I still remember the words

What was in my lunch

neughborhood friends

Thing I liked buying for school

Scents of the home


We had 3 apple trees 

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