Gryphon of the Hidden Realm by Robert Denethon published by Submarine Media Pty, Ltd

Gryphon of the Hidden Realm by Robert Denethon published by Submarine Media Pty, Ltd

Thrilling book of fantasy.  When a young Boy who has no name discovers a Gryphon and becomes a friend, protector and defender of the mythical creatures.  Boy has a destiny that is unknown to him.  In fact everything is unknown to him.  He has lived with an unloving family, taught by a harsh school master and formed into an individual who has an empathic understanding of people and creatures.

Mr. Denethon is a skilled story teller who captivated me with his writing.  I was riding the gryphon with boy feeling the air blowing in my face hearing the sounds of only the wind.  I was hanging on for dear life as the gryphon was making his dives and maneuvers away from the dragon who was breathing fire upon their bodies and feathers.  I became aware that I was breathing shallow and nearly out of breath and laughed at myself for being so enthralled with the book that reality had been skewed.  There are multiple characters introduced though out the book all working for the end goal.  Defeat the Nomoi rule.

Here is the product description.

Gryphon of the Hidden Realm, kindle e-book delivered via The second book in the Gryphonomicon Gryphon Dragon Histories. Heroic fantasy, that is, the genre of Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Eragon series.

Female gryphons are disappearing, abducted by the evil elves, the rulers of the Nomoi Empire. Hwedolyn must find out what is happening to them. He meets partisans, men and elves, and must question ancient lore if he is to survive.

The story begins with a young orphan boy, a serving hand at the tavern high in the mountains, who knows that every new moon, a barrel of mead is left out on the plateau. In the morning the barrel is gone and two goats are left as payment. Who or what is it that collects the mead on this, the darkest night of the month?

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He decides to stay awake one night and go out to see who or what it is that takes the mead.

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