100% Pure Peppermint Oil by GoPure

I was given a 4 ounce bottle to try in exchange for my honest opinion.  So far I would give it a 5 star rating.  I have been having a terrible flea problem that manifested after the 2 dogs that I was grandparenting went home to live with their own parents.  That left my 19 year old cat and me with a flea infestation.  I had tried a six week treatment of a recommended spray on the rugs and bedding with a brand name topical treatment on Little Bit to no avail. 

I placed 3 drops of the Peppermint Oil on old rags and placed it under the living room and bedroom furniture.  I also changed the flea medicine on her and after 21 days which would allow new eggs to hatch and we live flea free. 

I have also noticed a reduction of spiders and stink bugs that are common to drop in during the spring. 

Little Bit loves the smell as she thinks it spells like cat nip.  I placed a drop of it on her cat nip toy and she plays with it like a kitten but she tires easily due to her age.  I also found it is a great deodorizer for the trash cans.  I put on drop in the can prior to placing a trash bag in it. 

I am still experimenting with the various uses but believe it will be successful in every circumstance.

or directly from their website:

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