A FRUGAL LIFE by RHIANA JONES is available from Amazon.com.
This is another practical book by Ms. Jones.  Not only is it a practical hands on approach for frugal living but any individual can apply the techniques starting today.  We have all read about how to save on shopping but Ms. Jones tells you step by step how she does it for her family which I can relate to my personal shopping habits.  She demystified the Amazon prime and strategies for accessing better deals. 

The tips about working from home using Task Rabbit and Fiverr were a new approach for me and I signed up for the virtual assignments. 

You will not be disappointed in purchasing this book.

The following is her product review:
“This is what I do on a daily basis to make it from paycheck to paycheck. This is not a compilation of articles on the Internet. This is not a rehash of other books. This is just the way I do things.
Maybe the tips in this book apply to you; maybe they don’t. Hopefully you’ll at least be able to use these ideas as a jumping-off point to adjust your living to a more frugal lifestyle in your own way.
This is a not a book on couponing, although there may be a few words on it. I don’t live in an area with double coupons, so I do the best with what we have, but that’s not my main focus.”

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