Mind Pin Ball

I awakened yesterday and heard a pin ball machine in my head little did I know I was the ball.

I stumbled out of bed and disturbed the cat who meowed loudly. Ding ding. 1,000 points

Hit the door jam to the left and bounced to the wall on the right.  3,000 points Whirling  sounds with the ding ding ding.

Managed to get to the toilet and 'bout slide off it on the way down.  5,000 points I heard the time warp sound.

Exiting the bathroom left shoulder again hit the door jam rounded the corner with the right shoulder bunched off the little dog.  10,000 points ding ding

Take two steps and bunched off the big dog into the wall with my left shoulder as I rounded the corner to kitchen stepped on the little dog. 20,000 ding ding whirling.

Got to the door and opened it into my face. Time warp with flashing lights. 50,000  points

Went to step out of the one inch step into breeze way and stepped on the big dog.  5,000 point

Got to the back door to let the dogs out.  This door opens out with the force of the dog energy I felt like I was on an apex leaning out the door waiting for the bonus time warp dinging to stop.  

I did an about face and went back to bed. 

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