Artist Trading Cards

Don't you just love making scrapbook pages?  A 12 by 12 design can be fun and add a sketch which is a design template and you go from blah to amazing.  Then shrink them down to a 4 by 5 card and instead of a picture as a focal point, you use stamps, flowers, Dazzle Stickers (my favorite) and you have another startling canvas.  Now change that out and shrink your canvas to an art trading card which is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches and the challenge is awesome.  That being said, let me confess I am having trouble shrinking my mental designs into small images.   It is like cooking for 5 people for 25 years and changing that out to just cooking to one.  My thoughts and habits are big.  But here are some of my finished results.

Mixed Media

Country Western

Giving Thanks

Vintage Clothes

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Anonymous said...

love these trading cards!!
cynthia t.

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