Childrens Book: Nuts about Nuts (Nutrildren - Nutrition for Children 1) Kindle Edition by Shir Guez

Amazing to read and understand as an adult.  This book is geared towards grades 1 thru 6.  It has the nutritional facts about all the nuts on the market. The book has colorful pictures to identify the various nuts and some fun facts, example squirrels like Chestnuts and Macadamia nuts make dogs sick.

The most amazing fact I found is Brazil nuts: “One Brazil nut contains an average of 95.8 micrograms of selenium. That’s more than twice the recommended daily consumption for kids ages 9-13, and more than three times the recommended daily consumption for kids ages 4-8!”

“BUT BE CAREFUL! Because Brazil nuts are really rich in selenium, it can be dangerous to eat too much of them. Eating more than 2-4 a day on a regular basis may lead to Selenosis (selenium poisoning).”

Ms Guez even has recipes available for you to make healthy snack for your children by joining her mailing list at

The book is available in print and the Kindle ebook is free at

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