Behold All Things New

Behold all things new keeps ringing in my ears.  Well I do need and I repeat need some new things. The 1998 Ford Contour is providing me with transportation.  I put a tie rod on the left and a wheel barring on the right and now it needs front struts, rear brakes and a front brake caliber.  The auto repair mechanic said the undercarriage is so rusted out they have to be careful when they put it on the lift.  It is time to say good bye to my faithful friend.

I was talking to a dealer 18 months ago and they asked what I was looking for?  I responded a vehicle where all 4 windows roll down, and the fan has variable speeds and a tape or CD player that actually works.  He said he thought he could find at least one on the lot that was worthy of my criteria.  Now that I have to have  a new car my criteria is more specific.  I want low miles with good safety records and great gas mileage.  A used car that has good tires, brakes and requires no start up maintenance like a fuel pump etc.

My problem is I have poor credit history.  I filed bankruptcy on a money pit of a house. I have medical bills that went into collections and have the "unfortunate worst credit score" according to a lender.  Personal finance companies will loan at 26-30% interest rate.

I went to a dealership and said I want to test drive a Kia Soul.  He wanted to run my credit and I said I really not even sure that I want a Soul just want to see how they handle and he told me that I would be wasting his time.  After 30 minutes I was allowed to drive the Soul but was disheartened to find a good credit person would pay 0% interest rate and I would be at 30%.  

This is not where I was thinking that I would be in retirement.  However, I have the opportunity to look at the positive choices available.  I can work with my Social Security and make payments on a vehicle that fits my criteria.  I can pray that the Lord leads me to a good used car.  I can believe that the Lord will provide a fair lender.  I can pray for I know the  Lord answers prayers.

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