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I know we all encountered frustrations at customer service counters at local grocery stores.  One grocery is a satellite USPS mail provider.  It is convenient to post mail after the main office is closed especially on Sundays at the satellite providers.  What I have found is there is a lack of professionalism and ethics at the store I have used.  Being an optimist I always look for the humor in the situation.  Let me share with you my recent encounters. 

I have joined a social network of to share my love of papercrafting.  I have joined several swaps and challenges.  I am in a monthly birthday card swap.  My first adventure to the satellite office with 2 envelops of handcrafted cards resulted in the following transaction.

Me:  I need these envelopes weighed and metered with the correct postage.
CSR: But they are thick and puffy
Me: I know that is why I wanted them weighed and metered
CSR: But this is puffy and going to Canada.
Me: I understand we still have fair trading rights with Canada
CSR: But it is to Canada
Me: (heavy sigh) You think that is a problem why?
CSR: It will cost you more
Me: (smile lost.. heavy sigh.. assertive announcement) I don’t have a problem with paying more for a puffy envelope going to Canada. Why are you having a problem with me sending a card to Canada?  Just weigh it. I will pay for it.
CSR: muttering indiscernible words

The next month ran with the same results except on envelop was loosely stuck together.

Me: Oh I didn’t see that the envelope was not sticking can I have a piece of tape.
CSR: This envelope is puffy.
Me: Yes it is the design of the card.
CSR: But it is puffy
Me: Since the envelope is loosely sealed did you want to open it and look at the card.
Unbelievably she said yes emphatically until her associate told her she couldn’t open my mail to see anything.

So MY LAST  encounter, I went in with 2 birthday cards, 2 manila swap envelopes and one puffy swap envelope that contained 9 Art Trading Cards and a thank you card for the hostess of the swap.  I left it open so I could add a self addressed stamped envelope.

Me: I need you to weigh this envelope going to this address and put the exact postage on this envelope addressed to me.
CSR: All metered stamps have to show so I will not meter an empty envelope.
Me: Fine. Just sell me enough stamps to cover the postage. 
CSR: I can’t help you. I am calling my supervisor.  (one sided call) I have this lady wanting to send an envelope in an envelope. I don’t know what is in the envelope. Let me see (she put her hand in the envelop to remove the contents)
Me: Don’t remove anything. They are art trading card
CSR: (continuing her phone conversation) See what I mean .. They are trading cards of some sort.

Supervisor comes out in a hostile gait and unsmiling and accusatory tone of voice

Supervisor: What can I help you with?
Me: (equally unsmiling and assertive) I am sending 9 art trading cards to this address on the envelope.  She will send me back 9 ATC in this SASE.  So I need you to weigh the outgoing mail and place the same amount of postage on  this SASE.
CSR: I told her we can’t meter an envelope that is inside an envelope.

The supervisor took the envelope behind the counter and shook out the contents. And walks back to me

Supervisor: The metered mail will not work from Indiana to Indiana. You have to put a different return address on the corner.
Me:  That is why I told you to weigh the outgoing envelope with ALL OF THE CONTENTS and place the same amount on the SASE.  I am sending stuff to this state and that state is sending stuff back to me. 

He worked at metering the envelopes... All 6 envelopes since the CSR couldn't help me. 

Supervisor:  Like this? And do you want me to put it in here in this envelop?
Me: Yes and please include ALL OF THE CONTENTS you removed.

OMG!!! Ethics!!!! That was my LAST visit to the satellite office. I will go to the main office where I can complain about the parking but never complain about the ethics.  They would never reach into an envelope and remove the contents. They are trained professionals. And when I go, I will thank them. I think I will make them a large puffy thank you card that I want them to open.

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