Employment Assessments

      Have you taken some of the career assessments lately?  They are a riot.  One was through our state workforce development which was the Kuder Work Values  Assessment, Work Confidence Assessment and Career Interest Assessment.  Example of the questions where you had to rank your interest:  balancing your checkbook, find the price of a blouse for 40% off and 2 others.  I thought cha-ching! Finally a job with shopping in mind, show me where to sign up.  And who in their right mind would want to balance their own checkbook as a career.

     Today, the assessment for a specific employer asked questions like: I can count to ten. There are 55 days in a month.  There are 8 days in a week. And the trick question there is 50 hours in a work week. Yes with overtime. Unknown what they wanted with that one, so I said yes.

OMG! Do people flunk these?

     Another one I took last week was equally hysterical.  Rank least likely to most likely:  I use controlled substances to calm my nerves before work.  I frequently leave early from work to meet my friends who are not working.  I scream at the idiot they assign in the seat next to me.  I have to take a break in my car to smoke to calm my nerves. I believe I am always right. And more like this said with a different spin. 

One employer that I spoke to said that 30% fail their test. 

     Looking for a position is a full time job. Although I really think my next career should be to critique the career assessment tools.   

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